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Exclusive tools for makers

We are known for creating exclusive tools for jewelry makers –
all made in our hometown, Milwaukee, and sold worldwide through
our shop on Etsy.
You'll also find many other tools and supplies we use everyday – and you might like too.


SmoothSet stone-setting punches

This is our flagship product – a set of five high-quality setting punches in the most-used sizes. We developed these tools for use in our classes, and quickly found that other metalsmiths wanted this set at their benches too. Made in Milwaukee by a precision
tool shop.

bench pin with saw & small parts.JPG

The Perfect Bench Pin

The bench pin is a tool that's front and center at most  jewelry makers' worktables. Why is ours perfect? It has all the features you need combined in a long-lasting, high-density material.  Features include ledges for cutting tubing and wire, built-in parts cups, and a wide work surface. Our bench pin fits many common clamps including GRS. Made in Milwaukee.

bench pin with saw & small parts.JPG
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